1. Anonymous said: Um, are you doing that character wardrobe meme? If so, how about 14?



    Oh, wow, hi, yeah! I didn’t think anyone would be interested! I’ll hop to it and post when it’s done! 

    "14. Their sick day scrubs"


    Winnie is no stranger to being sick but it gives her an excuse to be pitiful every now and then. 

    This was nice! I couldn’t believe how rusty I am. I went through several sketches just trying to get out a simple doodle. Ugh, what a good kick in the butt. 

    Send me more! Keep me workin!

  2. strangecousinsusanx:




    Me for all of high school

    That was my life every day in retail. 

    This is my life every day in retail.

    This is my life everyday. Period.

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  3. Doodle of the day with Alan Moore and fuckin Patrick.

  4. And this is today’s doodle. It’s meeeeee

    I only wish my hair looked so nice in real life. I’m letting it grow out and it’s just an absolute bitch. 

  5. I missed yesterday due to passing out early like an old person so I’ll upload two doodles today. 

    Double mermaids!

  6. Tonight’s doodle a day. 

    Mermaids are classic. 

  7. We need to talk about how much I loved Pokemon X. It was great, so so much happiness and joy. 

    This was my winning team. Look at all them goobers. My Delphox’s nature was naughty but he was completely devoted to me, which leads me to think he was probably a protective butt to anyone who got too close (I gushed to my brothers forever when I found out how attached you and your pokemon can get in this game). So I imagine he was none too pleased when Lucario joined the team. No hugs for that guy. 

    Augh guys. Pokemon. Guys. 

  8. Needed a warm up so I doodled my shop manager. 

    I miss my costume family. Break stops being fun after a while. 


    1. fayt-e said: I had someone steal a piece of mine from an oekaki when I was 7. Yeah. 7 years old. The fact that they took my crappy art when I was 7 really showed me that people will take whatever they can get - old or not. >_>

    Man, stealing from a 7 yr old? That’s pretty low. 


  9. Found out someone stole one of my really old pieces on DA. 

    My first art theft. Wow. 

    Kind of makes me wonder if I should completely remove my DA gallery. I don’t post there anymore and I only have an account to watch artists who don’t have Tumblr. 

  10. I finished up my fatkini chick last night. The background is le lame but I was quite tired and my backgrounds are pretty awful anyway. 

    Yay summer!

  11. Bwoop, there’s another one.